Assignments for: October 1-5

Monday: Organic Compounds Foldable

Tuesday: Organic Compounds Worksheet

Wednesday: Quiz #4: Organic Compounds; Lone Star Stampede!

Thursday: No School

Friday: No School

* Don't forget: Cell Analogies Poster Presentations are October 8-9 (next Monday/Tuesday)
Assignments for: September 24-28

Monday: Cell Foldable: Cell Analogies and start the Cell Analogies Project: (Due: October 3rd)

Tuesday: Cells, Cells, Cells Worksheet

Wednesday: Work on Cell Analogies Project

Thursday: Work on Cell Analogies Project

Friday: Quiz #3: Cells; Work on Cell Analogies Project
Assignments for: September 17-21

Monday: Cell Foldable - Plant vs. Animal Cells

Tuesday: Cell Foldable - Outside the Cell & the Nucleus

Wednesday: Cell Foldable - Organelle; Student Led Conferences: 5pm-8pm

Thursday: No School - Student Led Conferences: 8am-11am, 12pm-4pm, 5pm-8pm

Friday: No School - Teacher Comp Day
Assignments for: September 10 - September 14

Monday: Test Flinkers (yours MUST be done and ready to test at the start of class!)

Tuesday: Quiz #2: Scientific Method & textbook reading assignment

Wednesday: Microscopes and Cell Theory Notes

Thursday: Microscope Lab

Friday: Microscope Lab